Bollfilter BOLLFILTER Duplex BFD-C/P Double Block and Bleed

Bollfilter BOLLFILTER Duplex BFD-C/P Double Block and Bleed

Code: Duplex BFD-C/P
Brand: Bollfilter


A special design duplex filter for separating solids and/or aerosols (liquid content) from gases using a patented double block and bleed main transfer valve. This is intended for applications using high pressures and/or dangerous gas compositions, to ensure maximum operator safety.

Flange Connection

¾” – 8” or DN 20 – DN 200

Filter element

Fiberglass/stainless steel disposable cartridges*

Option available for preliminary separation using demister, cyclone, or cyclone demister all within the same housing

Grade of filtration

0,1 µm - 250 µm

Operating pressure

>500 bar (size and temperature dependent)

Filter housing

- carbon steel (St 45-8 / A106B)
- stainless steel (1.4404 / 316L)
- non-welded

General Accessories and Special Equipment

1.) Connecting elements
Flexible connection possibilities
e.g., flanged, NPT, weld-on ends, ball valves, needle valves

2.) Instruments
Differential pressure connections such as optical and optical/electrical differential pressure measurement systems

3.) Materials
Filters available on request in Duplex or Super Duplex

4.) Optional equipment
Cover lifting/pivoting mechanism
Cover safety device

Special accessories for gas filtering

Pre-separator for liquid reduction / cyclone and cyclone demister

In addition to standard, filters also available in Duplex and Superduplex (on request)

Liquid level switches

Magnetic level indicator

Bulls Eyes

Adaptable fluid reservoir for saving the separated fluid

Bollfilter Datasheets

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