Bollfilter 0551426 Differential Pressure Contact Gauge

Bollfilter 0551426 Differential Pressure Contact Gauge

Code: 0551426
Brand: Bollfilter

he differential pressure indicators 4.36 and 4.46 from BOLL & KIRCH provides you with robust, compact devices which display the contamination state of the filter insert.

These can be mounted on every BOLLFILTER and they display on the coloured segmented disk when filter cleaning is required.

The differential pressure indicator for every application. We will offer you the appropriate version, e.g. the differential pressure indicator with an electronic contact mechanism. Two switches are available here which can be used independently of each other as switch or alarm contacts. At 75% and at 100% of the set differential pressure limit value, the contacts of the two reed switches are operated magnetically.

The housing of the differential pressure indicator is made from coated aluminium pressure casting and is suitable for a maximum operating pressure of 100 bar.
On type 4.46 the internal parts are designed from Cr-Ni steel. The housing enables an operating pressure of up to 160 bar.

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