Solberg DSE-L010-201HCS1 Automatic Drain System

Solberg DSE-L010-201HCS1 Automatic Drain System

Code: DSE-L010-201HCS1
Brand: Solberg

The Automatic Drain System allows Solberg Liquid Separator

units to be drained without stopping the process and breaking

the vacuum. The liquid removed by the liquid separator flows

under gravity into the drain pot. When the high level switch

triggers, the drain pot is isolated from the liquid separator by

the upper solenoid valve. The vacuum break valve then opens

along with the bottom drain valve allowing the liquid to drain

to atmosphere. Once the lower level switch opens the drain

valve and vacuum break close, the upper solenoid valve opens

and the process repeats.

Solberg Datasheets

Country & Language File Name Download Link
United States (English) MM-Discharge-Filters_US_fc2db1_35224.pdf Download
United States (English) MM-Inlet-Vacuum-Filters_US_17bc33_83328.pdf Download
United States (English) MM-Intake-Filters_US_03b93e_64044.pdf Download
United States (English) MM-Liquid-Removal-Vapor-Condensing_US_c8be62_97414.pdf Download

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