Solberg JCT-C3226-601C Vapor Condensing Separator Trap

Solberg JCT-C3226-601C Vapor Condensing Separator Trap

Code: JCT-C3226-601C
Brand: Solberg

Features ■ Removable heat exchanger fin pack for ease of cleaning and long lasting optimum performance ■ Coolant flask system ■ Stainless steel demister pad ■ Compact housing for minimal footprint ■ Removable bottom for full accessibility ■ Coolant inlet and outlet ports ■ JST Series: Durable see-through bucket made from shatter resistant polycarbonate ■ JCT Series: Corrosive resistant carbon steel bucket

Solberg Datasheets

Country & Language File Name Download Link
United States (English) MM-Discharge-Filters_US_fc2db1_35224.pdf Download
United States (English) MM-Inlet-Vacuum-Filters_US_17bc33_83328.pdf Download
United States (English) MM-Intake-Filters_US_03b93e_64044.pdf Download
United States (English) MM-Liquid-Removal-Vapor-Condensing_US_c8be62_97414.pdf Download

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