Unimec Nova 125 Proprietary Lubricants

Unimec Nova 125 Proprietary Lubricants

Code: Nova 125
Brand: Unimec

Unimec NOVA 125 is an automatic lubrication system developed in collaboration with Perma. It is filled with Unimec Mark CA grease and the supply of lubricant occurs through controlled expansion of an inert gas.
With this system, the user can guarantee the constant presence of clean lubricant on the threaded rod at a predetermined rate, reducing management costs. The delivery precision also allows for preventive maintenance, reducing inefficiencies. It is also a very convenient system if the lubrication point is difficult to reach.
It is available in cartridges with a capacity of 125ml and only delivers Unimec Mark CA grease.

[-20 ; +60] °C [-5 ; +140] °F
Duration up to 12 months
Max 6 bar

Direct mounting

Indirect mounting

It can be mounted directly on the nut screws or indirectly, fixing it on a fixed structure and delivering lubricant through a tube of maximum length 1 meter. Unimec can supply the whole fixing kit. If the tube is present, it is recommended to fill the tube with Unimec Mark CA grease before switching on the NOVA system.

It is mandatory to read and apply the conditions of use and disposal of the product before its use.

Unimec Datasheets

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United States (English) Unimec-EN_59050.pdf Download
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Italy (Italiano) Unimec-IT_75906.pdf Download
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