Zander Aachen ZCode-RFID Series Coded RFID Safety Switch

Zander Aachen ZCode-RFID Series Coded RFID Safety Switch

Code: ZCode-RFID Series
Brand: Zander Aachen

The ZCode RFID Safety Sensors are coded tamperproof safety switches for the use in machinery and plant engineering. Coding is achieved by using radio frequency (RFID) and magnetic technology, both principles need to be satisfied for the switch to operate safely. These redundant diverse structure provides the highest degree of antitamper, virtually impossible to override.

The Switches achieve a low coding level with Mastercode and high coding level with Unicode version according to EN ISO 14119. The switching status is indicated by a LED. All the ZCode RFID Switches are dust- and water-proof (IP67, ZCode-LRE: IP67K) and have an additional indicator contact.

The ZCode-PR, -LR, -JR and -KR have a high specification plastic housings to allow the use in almost any environments, including high pressure cleaning following contamination from foreign particles (IP69K). Suitable and certified for the highest safety standards according to EN ISO 13849-1, 14119 and EN 62061.

The ZCode-LRE has a high specification stainless steel housings which allows the use in rough and hygiene critical environments (CIP / SIP Cleaning up to 105°C).

Zander Aachen Datasheets

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