Bollfilter DN 65 Filter

Bollfilter DN 65 Filter

代码: DN 65
品牌: Bollfilter


Filtration of all liquids. For installation

into suction or pressure pipework

to protect downstream equipment

(pumps, bearings, heat exchangers,

valves, pipework etc.) against contamination or accumulation of mud.


The filter is completely maintenancefree except for checking of the seals

and cleaning of filter elements. The

pressure drop indicates the contamination degree of the filter. To clean the

filter element, the installation must be

shut-down or the filter isolated.


Depressurize the filter chamber by

means of the venting screw. Lift the

housing cover, remove the filter element, rinse it with the cleaning fluid,

e.g. BOLL-CLEAN 2000, and clean it by

compressed air.

(See operating instructions ‘filter element cleaning‘).

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