Bollfilter 1340873 Candle Filter Element

Bollfilter 1340873 Candle Filter Element

代码: 1340873
品牌: Bollfilter

Candle Filters

Areas of Application

Candle filter elements are used in BOLL & KIRCH Simplex filters and Duplex filters. Due to their large filter area and high differential pressure resistance, these filter elements are used for the filtration of liquids. They consist of resistant, stainless-steel wire mesh with a filter fineness of 10 to 150 microns. As an option, a magnetic insert can be installed into the candle filter to retain finer particles of metal.


A candle filter contains multiple mesh candles in the same dimension, which are placed on or screwed on, parallelly. Thus, a large filter area is created for a low construction volume. The candle insert distinguishes itself by a particularly high resistance to differential pressure. Due to the use of stainless-steel wire mesh, the candle filters can be cleaned many times and economically used over a longer period of time. Primarily at high temperatures and in operating conditions in which plastics, fleece or paper are unsuitable, a candle element made from stainless steel is first choice.

Filtration of Liquids with Candle Filters

The filter candles from BOLL & KIRCH are well suited for the filtration of liquids, which have a low content of solids, i. e. they are primarily used for liquids that are already very clean, e.g. for water treatment. For filtration, the flow to the candle insert in the filter is from the outside to the inside, so that the mechanical filtration of the surface can be carried out. Candle sieves can be adapted to the most diverse requirements of industry with practically no restrictions.


  • significantly larger filter area and longer service life (compared to the use of a jacket sieve)
  • fewer components are required compared to the jacket sieve and cleaning is easier
  • candle filters can be replaced individually

For cleaning, they are are easily removed from the closed-off filter chamber, manually cleaned using a liquid cleaning fluid, blown out using compressed air and inserted into the filter. Due to attachment and locating the filter element, conditional to the shape, the greatest process reliability is ensured.

Also watch our candle elements for automatic filters.

Technical data

Simplex filter types 1.03.2, 1.65.1/1.53.1
Duplex filter types 2.05.5, BFD
Automatic filter types
Filtration grades from/to 10 µm - 150 µm
Filter media stainless steel wire mesh
Magnetic insert optional
Flow direction ► [ ] ◄
Cleaning / replacement manual cleaning

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