Beko Technologies BEKOBLIZZ LC 12-355 Compressed-Air-Chiller

Beko Technologies BEKOBLIZZ LC 12-355 Compressed-Air-Chiller

Code: BEKOBLIZZ LC 12-355
Brand: Beko Technologies

Operating instructions in accordance with the 97/23/EC Pressure Equipment Directive The BEKOBLIZZ® LC 12-355 compressed-air refrigeration chiller contains pressure equipment in the sense of the 97/23/EC Pressure Equipment Directive. Therefore, the entire plant needs to be registered with the supervisory authority if required in accordance with the local regulations. For the examination prior to the start-up and for periodic inspections, the national regulations need to be observed, such as the industrial safety regulation in the Federal Republic of Germany. In countries outside the EU, the respective regulations in force there need to be adhered to. The proper use of pressure devices is the basic requirement for safe operation. As regards pressure devices, the following points need to be observed:  The BEKOBLIZZ® LC 12‐355 compressed‐air refrigeration chiller must only be employed within the pressure and temperature range limits indicated by the manufacturer on the name plate.  No welding must be carried out on the pressure parts.  The BEKOBLIZZ® LC 12‐355 compressed‐air refrigeration chiller must neither be installed in insufficiently ventilated rooms nor near heat sources or inflammable substances.  To avoid fractures resulting from material fatigue, the refrigeration chiller should not be exposed to vibrations during operation.  The maximum operating pressure indicated by the manufacturer on the name plate must not be exceeded. It is the installer's responsibility to install the appropriate safety and control devices. Prior to the start‐up of the BEKOBLIZZ® LC 12‐355 compressed‐air refrigeration chiller, the connected pressure generator (compressor etc.) must be set to the max. permissible operating pressure. The integrated safeguard needs to be checked by an approved inspection agency.  The documents related to the BEKOBLIZZ® LC 12‐355 compressed‐air refrigeration chiller (manual, operating instructions, manufacturer's declaration etc.) must be kept safe for future reference.  No objects whatsoever must be installed at or placed on the BEKOBLIZZ® LC 12‐355 compressed‐air refrigeration chiller and the connecting lines.  Installation of the plant in frost‐free places only.  Operation of the plant is only permissible with fully closed and intact housing and cover panels. Operation of the plant with damaged housing/cover panels is prohibited.

Beko Technologies Datasheets

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United States (English) beko_technologies_preisliste_2016_3bffa9_50258.pdf Download
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United States (English) 77-00042_BEKO_Filtration_INT_display_b600d1_26556.pdf Download
United States (English) 77-00002_BEKO_Kondensattechnik_EN-INT_display_0849b7_67116.pdf Download
United States (English) 77-00012_BEKO_Trocknung_EN-INT_display_536d24_21379.pdf Download
Deutschland (Deutsch) 19-0356_BEKO_Kompetenz_Messtechnik_DE_display_9eeb65_25669.pdf Download
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Deutschland (Deutsch) 77-00011_BEKO_Trocknung_DE_display_3cab94_15148.pdf Download
Deutschland (Deutsch) 77-00041_BEKO_Filtration_DE_display_97b26a_95931.pdf Download
Italy (Italiano) 170043_BEKO_Trocknung_IT_display2_d1f771_81846.pdf Download
Italy (Italiano) 170044_BEKO_Messtechnik_IT_display2_492f5e_20562.pdf Download
Italy (Italiano) 170045_BEKO_Kondensattechnik_IT_display_13bad2_56726.pdf Download
Italy (Italiano) 180127_BEKO_Filtration_IT_610bf9_30311.pdf Download
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中国(简体 BEKOMATExilieyangben_399cc5_38204.pdf Download
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