Beko Technologies BEKOKAT CC-1200 Catalytic converter

Beko Technologies BEKOKAT CC-1200 Catalytic converter

Code: BEKOKAT CC-1200
Brand: Beko Technologies

For highly sensitive applications, conventional compressed air processing has technical and economic limits. BEKOKAT sets new standards in compressed air processing here with pioneering catalytic converter technology. The unit fully converts hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water through total oxidation. The method provides constantly oil-free compressed air with a maximum residual oil content of a barely measurable 0.001 milligram per cubic metre. With this performance, the BEKOKAT units surpass even the most stringent specifications of ISO 8573-1, Class 1 oil content. A quality that is required in particularly demanding production processes. The incidental condensate from the cooling of the compressed air is also totally oil-free and can be channelled into the sewage system without treatment.

Technical data BEKOKAT®

Volume flow rate* (m³/h)18601201803607201200
Max. operating pressure [g]11161616161611
16 bar [g] version on request
Power supply1 Ph. 230 V 50 Hz1 Ph. 230 V 50 Hz1 Ph. 230 V 50 Hz3 Ph. 400 V 50 Hz3 Ph. 400 V 50 Hz3 Ph. 400 V 50 Hz3 Ph. 400 V 50 Hz
Install. Performance (kW)0.5811.642.65.18.713.8
Average Performance (kW)0.200.520.861.332.173.263.75

Beko Technologies Datasheets

Country & Language File Name Download Link
United States (English) beko_technologies_preisliste_2016_3bffa9_50258.pdf Download
United States (English) 20-0022_BEKO_Kompetenzbro_Messtechnik_INT_display_3ce986_11251.pdf Download
United States (English) 77-00042_BEKO_Filtration_INT_display_b600d1_26556.pdf Download
United States (English) 77-00002_BEKO_Kondensattechnik_EN-INT_display_0849b7_67116.pdf Download
United States (English) 77-00012_BEKO_Trocknung_EN-INT_display_536d24_21379.pdf Download
Deutschland (Deutsch) 19-0356_BEKO_Kompetenz_Messtechnik_DE_display_9eeb65_25669.pdf Download
Deutschland (Deutsch) 77-00001_BEKO_Kondensattechnik_DE_display_6fc12e_60119.pdf Download
Deutschland (Deutsch) 77-00011_BEKO_Trocknung_DE_display_3cab94_15148.pdf Download
Deutschland (Deutsch) 77-00041_BEKO_Filtration_DE_display_97b26a_95931.pdf Download
Italy (Italiano) 170043_BEKO_Trocknung_IT_display2_d1f771_81846.pdf Download
Italy (Italiano) 170044_BEKO_Messtechnik_IT_display2_492f5e_20562.pdf Download
Italy (Italiano) 170045_BEKO_Kondensattechnik_IT_display_13bad2_56726.pdf Download
Italy (Italiano) 180127_BEKO_Filtration_IT_610bf9_30311.pdf Download
中国(简体 BEKOKATwuyoucuihuajiyangben_c92af2_34020.pdf Download
中国(简体 BEKOMATExilieyangben_399cc5_38204.pdf Download
中国(简体 DRYPOINTRAlengganjiyangben_447733_24455.pdf Download
中国(简体 METPOINTOCVCOMPACTyasuokongqiyouhanliangjianceyiyangben_34d135_27230.pdf Download
中国(简体 quanxiliechanpinyangben-6a821_b7bfa1_63711.pdf Download

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