Beko Technologies DRYPOINT M eco control Membrane Dryers

Beko Technologies DRYPOINT M eco control Membrane Dryers

Code: DRYPOINT M eco control
Brand: Beko Technologies

Dryers and filters in one: the DRYPOINT® M PLUS

The requirements for the degree of drying (pressure dew point) vary depending on the application, but should always be fulfilled with the least possible utilisation of energy. Furthermore, the dry compressed air must be available immediately. Prerequisites for this are a finely graded product range and the manufacturer's know-how with regard to the performance characteristics of the dryers under a wide variety of operating conditions.

The DRYPOINT M PLUS membrane dryer with integrated nanofilter has been the tried and tested solution for efficient filtration and drying in one housing for 10 years. It provides reliable compressed-air drying with low purge air requirement, requires no electrical energy and no environmentally harmful adsorbent agents. The integrated nanofilter increases the quality of the dried compressed air, the safety and long-term stability of the highly selective hollow fibre diaphragms. Since the compressed air composition is not altered in any way, the DRYPOINT M PLUS can be utilised for respiratory air processing

Beko Technologies Datasheets

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United States (English) beko_technologies_preisliste_2016_3bffa9_50258.pdf Download
United States (English) 20-0022_BEKO_Kompetenzbro_Messtechnik_INT_display_3ce986_11251.pdf Download
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United States (English) 77-00002_BEKO_Kondensattechnik_EN-INT_display_0849b7_67116.pdf Download
United States (English) 77-00012_BEKO_Trocknung_EN-INT_display_536d24_21379.pdf Download
Deutschland (Deutsch) 19-0356_BEKO_Kompetenz_Messtechnik_DE_display_9eeb65_25669.pdf Download
Deutschland (Deutsch) 77-00001_BEKO_Kondensattechnik_DE_display_6fc12e_60119.pdf Download
Deutschland (Deutsch) 77-00011_BEKO_Trocknung_DE_display_3cab94_15148.pdf Download
Deutschland (Deutsch) 77-00041_BEKO_Filtration_DE_display_97b26a_95931.pdf Download
Italy (Italiano) 170043_BEKO_Trocknung_IT_display2_d1f771_81846.pdf Download
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Italy (Italiano) 170045_BEKO_Kondensattechnik_IT_display_13bad2_56726.pdf Download
Italy (Italiano) 180127_BEKO_Filtration_IT_610bf9_30311.pdf Download
中国(简体 BEKOKATwuyoucuihuajiyangben_c92af2_34020.pdf Download
中国(简体 BEKOMATExilieyangben_399cc5_38204.pdf Download
中国(简体 DRYPOINTRAlengganjiyangben_447733_24455.pdf Download
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