Beko Technologies EVERDRY Combitroc CT Adsorption Dryers

Beko Technologies EVERDRY Combitroc CT Adsorption Dryers

Code: EVERDRY Combitroc CT
Brand: Beko Technologies

Efficient combination: the Heat Regenerating Adsorption Dryer EVERDRY® COMBITROC CT

The EVERDRY® COMBITROC CT series provides the optimum processing combination of refrigeration and adsorption dryer. In principle, an energy-saving pressure dew point of +3 °C can be achieved with the refrigeration dryer. A lower pressure dew point is needed in the colder season to reliably avoid any condensation. The system then automatically activates the heat-regenerated adsorption dryer to generate a safe pressure dew point of below -40 °C. Another advantage of the combination: 100 % back up should one dryer unit fail. The EVERDRY® COMBITROC CT is ideal for use in almost every climate zone. Desorption takes place in counter-flow to the adsorption direction with heated fan air, cooling is by means of fan-blown air. Local operating conditions and economical parameters ultimately determine the individual, customer-specific project solutions. Higher volume flow rates can also be achieved at the customer’s request.

Beko Technologies Datasheets

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United States (English) 77-00002_BEKO_Kondensattechnik_EN-INT_display_0849b7_67116.pdf Download
United States (English) 77-00012_BEKO_Trocknung_EN-INT_display_536d24_21379.pdf Download
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Deutschland (Deutsch) 77-00011_BEKO_Trocknung_DE_display_3cab94_15148.pdf Download
Deutschland (Deutsch) 77-00041_BEKO_Filtration_DE_display_97b26a_95931.pdf Download
Italy (Italiano) 170043_BEKO_Trocknung_IT_display2_d1f771_81846.pdf Download
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