Unimec MRS 134 Gearbox With Motor

Unimec MRS 134 Gearbox With Motor

Code: MRS 134
Brand: Unimec


Material Normative Specification Indications
Hub shaft C45 EN 10083-2:2006 Carbon steel
Carter GJL 250 EN 1561:2011 Grey cast iron Completely machined on 6 faces
Bevel gears 17NiCrMo 6-4 EN 10084:2008 Casehardening alloy steel Ground bores and planes. Gleason gears run by pair.
Protruding shaft C45 EN 10083-2:2006 Carbon steel
Lubricant Unimec Atir SH150 Synthetic oil 0,4 lt

General features

Gear backlash 15' - 20'
Forced lubrication speed 2000 rpm
Grease lubrication speed 100 rpm
Operating temperature [°C] -10 °C / 80 °C
Solid protruding shaft maximum moment 320 Nm
Maximum input speed 2500 rpm
Main gearbox weight 19 kg

Specific features

Nominal ratios
Phase between keys +/- 5,5°
Inertia moment 950 kg-mm2

Unimec Datasheets

Country & Language File Name Download Link
United States (English) Unimec-EN_59050.pdf Download
Deutschland (Deutsch) Unimec-DE_13807.pdf Download
Italy (Italiano) Unimec-IT_75906.pdf Download
中国(简体 Unimec-CN_95426.pdf Download

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