4038139 05FX Clearpoint Filter Element

4038139 05FX Clearpoint Filter Element

代码: 4038139 05FX
品牌: Beko Technologies

BEKO 4038139 is a 1 micron replacement filter element for the S050 and HP50S050 Clearpoint threaded inline compressed air filters. This is an OEM part manufactured by BEKO.

4038139 is known as a FX grade filter and is rated to remove all dust/debris particles down to 1 μm and will remove oil vapors to .05 mg/m3.

The S050 inline filter utilized 1/2" NPT threads and is rated to 50 cfm. This filter will also fit the HP50S050 filter housing.

The replacement elements on the BEKO Clearpoint threaded inline filters should be replaced every 8,000 hours or once per year, whichever occurs first. Proactively changing your filter will result in lower pressure drop and will save on energy costs. This also ensures the maximum amount of filtration efficiency by the filter and results in less particles, moisture and oil getting downstream.

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